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“Home is the only place in the world where hearts are safe.”

These words are an echo from the past which has remained with me well into adulthood.  When I was a child and I walked through ancient villages, my imagination would run wild.  Suddenly, a world filled with the many lives of those living within it would flood my mind—a world which I never could have imagined just a moment earlier.  It was a world filled with hopes, desires and trust.  It was an intangible microcosm, one creating by a thousand stories and emotions.  The world is a place of hope, guarded by homes.  Our homes are more than simply places for our bodies to dwell, but rather they are places where our souls can dwell, as well.

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Historic organic farm with 46 hectares of land with olive trees in the Maremma

"In the land of butteri, uncontaminated landscapes and centuries-old traditions."

Ancient barn from 1695 at the top of the hill

"Nature is not a place to visit but to feel at home." (G. Snyder)

Historic farmhouse in the Pisan Chianti: your corner of paradise in Tuscany

"Tuscany is a magical landscape where everything is kind around, everything is old and new." (C. Malaparte)

The charming farmhouse in the quiet of the Tuscan countryside

“Let the peace of nature enter you as the sun's rays penetrate the branches of the trees." (J.Muir)

Small farmhouse La Colombaia with sea view and olive grove in Bibbona

"A nest of peace between the sea and olive trees."

The farmhouse in the infinite greenery of Tuscany


Ancient mill in the Riparbella countryside

"An oasis of peace where you can get lost among the scents of nature and rediscover the slow pace of life."

Romantic stone farmhouse in Guardistallo


The Cypress Lake Estate

"The lake was immersed in silence, the surface looked like a mirror, you could only hear the birds singing."

Your home on the golf course

"Your home in Tuscany, in an oasis of peace in the middle of an 18-hole golf course"

Sea view farmhouse on the Etruscan Coast

"Among rolling hills and olive groves and a few minutes from the sea where everything is gentle around, everything is old and new."

Prestigious villa in a unique position – Casaglia (PI)

"Nature paints for us, day after day, images of infinite beauty."

The Fort of Montecatini Val di Cecina

"There are places that you breathe and feel yours. Like those people who, even if you've never met, you've always known."

Manor house and olive farm with 24ha of land with stunning sea views

"Hills of Tuscany with their famous estates, villas, countries that are almost the city, in the most heart-warming existing countryside."

Superb portion of a Tuscan farmhouse in the Florentine countryside

"The Tuscan countryside. Pure enchantment, crisp colors and sharp outlines. And somewhere a village in the hills that makes your eyes sparkle." (F. Caramagna)

Farmhouse in the green heart of Umbria – Lake Trasimeno

The lake was immersed in silence. The surface looked like a mirror. He could only hear, now loud, now low, the singing of the birds. (Banana Yoshimoto)

The farmhouse in the green heart of Umbria

“There are few places in a life, maybe even just one, where something happens; after which there are all the other places. " Alice Munro

Design villa with swimming pool in Suvereto

“Here you breathe happiness.”

Double villa with wonderful sea view

“Besides, I would listen to the sea endlessly. Full blast.”

The terrace overlooking the sea

"No home should be without a view of the sea. Every home should belong to the wind and the waves."

My experience here for you

More than thirty years have passed since then, but my dream continues.  I have cultivated it and raised it the same way you might cultivate and raise the most precious, exotic plants and I do this now as a profession.  What exactly do I do?  I give unique experiences to people.  On one side, there are those who wish to buy a prestigious villa or a country house because they feel the need to escape from the chaos of the city, to instead take shelter in a quiet and exclusive place.  On the other hand, there are those who request my assistance in helping them find a property which can be used as a touristic destination.  In both situations, I offer my clients a unique, complete and custom-tailored experience in which I handle every aspect necessary for the purchase and development of a property.

Tell me about your plans and I will help you make them a reality

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