• The real estate experience of Anton and Carolina who bought their dream house in Tuscany in June

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During the holidays of Anton and Carolina, their love for beautiful Italy grew into a dream and ambition to be able to live there on their own place, in their own house. Many places and houses were visited and viewed… Perhaps this dream was too ambitious and the beacons had already changed…
Then, a close Italian friend recommended them to get in touch with Deborah Lupini. From there the dream of Anton and Carolina became real.

Read their story below

Anton and Carolina would be happy to share their experiences with you and answer many of your questions, so please feel free to contact them on my contact form!


“For many years we spend our holidays in Italy. We visited many of the beautiful regions of this country, but our hearts were lost in the valley of the river Cecina, the hinterland of the Etruscan coast of Tuscany.

What started as fantasizing and dreaming gradually became more serious. Like many tourists, we enjoyed the pictures in the windows and brochures of real estate agents, but after some years we became a bit more fanatic and we jumped into the Italian housing market and got acquainted with the Italian brokerage.

It was fascinating and educational, with some misunderstandings and great hours of visiting houses. Several times we fell in love with places and woke up afterwards.

We were hesitant, the confrontation with the Italian rules, written and unwritten, even after a while we couldn’t get a grip on the mores that come with buying a house in Italy.

Often there appeared to be a huge gap between our expectations and the knowledge of the Italian housing market the Italian agents assumed us to have. Caused by language and culture, but certainly also by history, legislation, and the great responsibility that Italian brokers have in the sale of a house. That is incomparable with the working method we are used to in the Netherlands. Sometimes doubt struck us: are we ever going to understand? And especially…. Does our dream place actually exist?

We visited dozens of houses and got acquainted with wine owners and brokers who recognized in us yet another tourist couple that was looking for the famous five-legged sheep. The success failed to materialize. As time went on, our confidence that it would ever work out fine declined.

In the fall of 2018, we decided to quit the search in Italy. At that time, we had lived in Casale Marittimo for 13 months. In a holiday villa on a beautiful estate, in the middle of nature and close to all the beauty that the Val de Cecina has to offer. A time to really experience Italian life and see if there would be opportunities if we were “closer to the fire”. It was a fantastic time in our life but unfortunately, we didn’t have the luck we hoped for. So there and then our Italian search came to an end, we would aim our arrows at the Dutch countryside.

Until a year later we returned to the familiar estate and spoke to the owner, whom we have become friends with, about our new plans. She was sorry to hear that our Italian search had led nowhere and understood that we had changed our beacon meanwhile. However, she said in the same conversation that we might have to visit Deborah Lupini’s website: she sells more than houses, she sells emotion, according to our friend.

We thought that our friend’s enthusiasm stemmed mainly from a friendly award towards Deborah and the well-known Italian optimism.

Until a few days before our departure. Wouldn’t we, shouldn’t we…..? While we were still in Casale Marittimo, let’s take a look at Mrs. Lupini’s website. It was (and is) beautiful, you hardly see them this attractive anywhere, not in the Netherlands and not in Italy. This is the way to present houses!

The website kindled our fire again, so we made an appointment. In preparation, we summarize everything we learned in previous years. We were going to do it differently this time and would no longer be immediately dragged along to all kinds of hopeless objects that did not suit us at all.

The first impression was promising: a professional office, fresh, tidy, completely in line with Deborah Lupini.

But we were suspicious and did not immediately let our guards down. But this meeting was different from the ones we previously had. Deborah really listened!

She did not try to reason any houses to us, she translated our wishes into the available houses she knew. A half match was not a match, this lady was not guided by opportunism but by genuine interest and honesty. We talked about the atmosphere of a house, mature trees, privacy, and history. Only in the second instance was it about the number of bedrooms (and not to forget bathrooms), swimming pool or not, possibility of B&B etc.

And during that first meeting Deborah remembered a house she had visited earlier that summer. A broker colleague had it on sale and we remembered the photos from the well-known Italian websites. Those photos did not lead to a click with us. Deborah continued with the main argument: this is the atmosphere you are looking for.

Yeah right, it will…. We struggled to believe her. But Deborah’s enthusiasm was so warm and genuine that we decided to visit the house with her. That way we could find out if Deborah really understood us that well. And as they say: the rest is history. The location was (and is) as we dreamt it and the house breathes the atmosphere that we have been looking for all along.

We started working with Deborah. She helped us through the jungle of Italian rules, tirelessly and never taken aback by our Dutch business-attitude. Her greatest strength is her honesty and willingness to work hard: she tells when she doesn’t know something and then goes out of her way to find out. She works with colleagues, experts, and us for the best results. She is easily accessible or will call back immediately.

Another strong point of Deborah is her great willingness to learn: this is demonstrated by a strong commitment to us, genuine interest and good listening. She does not hesitate to question some Italian sacred cows here and there, even if this is experienced as difficult by very experienced colleagues in her area. She is ambitious and very customer-oriented, even when her formal work is done. Deborah is also a true Italian: optimistic and always helpful!

We therefore recommend her wholeheartedly!”

“A heartfelt thanks to Anton and Carolina for this testimony, clients like you make my work special!”


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