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To each person, his own home

This is my creed.  Besides being a very important part of who I am,  it allows me to distinguish myself from those who only see customers and houses to fill.  Not only that—it is my mission.  My role means that I must be ready to follow my clients through every possibility and difficulty involved in making a choice that is quite often not an easy one to make.  Finding the house that best suits your needs can only be possible if first you are helped by someone who is able to listen and share their experience and their passion with you.

A Complete Consultation for Prestigious Properties

A real estate consultation focuses mainly on properties of prestige and value—villas, farmhouses and country houses in need of renovation, as well as historic houses located in marvelous medieval villages.  I especially address those who have a particularly special dream tucked away and wish to turn that dream into a reality, without incurring the often problematic “additional details” which can quickly turn their dream into a nightmare.  I’m here to help simplify everything.  With me at your side, you won’t ever have to worry about any legal problems,  as well as having to worry about land registry—or other hidden surprises, because I thoroughly go over each property I handle.  From my point of view, every house must be a “work in progress,” and therefore I strive to present all the best possibilities that can be found in each property also thanks to photo shoots, professional videos and virtual tours.

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Consultancy for Touristic Facilities

Over the years, I have supported numerous professionals in the tourism sector.  Among these, all the owners who needed to turn an old, country villa into a hotel, bed & breakfast, or working touristic farm in which the property would increase its value.  In these cases, I am always able to offer my skills in identifying the most suitable structure, along with involving a team of collaborators to assist the buyer in the process of transforming the property into a profitable touristic structure.

Do you need a hand?  I’ll be happy to help you!

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Manor Houses and Seaside Homes in Tuscany

Living in Tuscany means combining the charm of a timeless city of art with the beauty of a largely uncontaminated nature.  Here, there are breathtaking landscapes and views and a sea which is awarded the “blue flag,” (for clean swimming water).  It is here that the days are intertwined with the rhythms of the past, decidedly more respectful of personal well-being and overall quality of life.  Choosing to live in a villa or a house by the sea in Tuscany means combining the needs of those who are looking for the absolute finest in terms of a protective shelter, a place far away from traffic and cities which every day are becoming increasingly congested.

Houses and Farms for Sale

Imagine if you will:  a farmhouse, a country house, or a farmhouse surrounded by centuries-old olive groves or by a prestigious vineyard.  At the center of the garden, there is a swimming pool where you can relax, have a drink or sip excellent wine at sunset.  You can say that you are well-acquainted with a particular territory only once you have become friends with its best products.  This is the case where Tuscany is concerned, especially.  Indeed, it’s a splendid region, home to countless farmhouses and farms immersed in beauty, history and nature.

Real Estate Agent and Property Finder

My services are not limited to real estate brokerage, but rather they include a wide range of solutions designed for those who are looking for a home suitable for themselves. Therefore, in addition to managing a limited number of properties, I deal also with “property finding.” It is an innovative and—in some ways, unprecedented role on the Italian market.  As a property finder, I find properties to be purchased that meet precise architectural, stylistic and comfort requirements, so those not wishing to turn to a traditional real estate agency, or those who are already possessed of much clearer ideas than what they are faced with in the hundreds of confused adds, can instead turn to me to find exactly what they want.

Every person has a special place in his heart.  Tell me about yours and I’ll find the right place for your special place!

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A Team of Specialized Consultants

Architectural studies, construction companies, interior designers and home stagers.  They are just some of the professionals who, through their assistance, help me to offer a complete service as they enable me to find the best answer to every desire for tranquility, healthy living or luxury.  Thanks to these collaborators, moreover,  clients are able to receive a complete technical and financial advice on all the bureaucratic and economic aspects connected to the purchase of a prestigious building.  I work with a limited number of selected customers to offer a complete, “keys in hand” service that will save you the time and hassle, thereby allowing you to realize your dream in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Moving to Tuscany from Abroad

For European and non-European citizens who want to buy a villa or a farm and move to Tuscany, I have a dedicated consulting path.  Thanks to my knowledge of languages and the skills of the team of professionals who support me, I can bridge the gap between Italy and those wishing to re-locate here from other places, in terms of navigated all that which is related to the purchase of a valuable property.  I speak English, French and German fluently, and my task is to follow through with all aspects of the acquisition process, from the property finding to the purchase, as well as with regard to renovation work.


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