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Home staging is one of the services that enriches my consultancy package.  It is a tool that is rapidly establishing itself on the Italian scene, because it allows owners to enhance their property and buyers to set up their homes in every possible way down to the last detail, with close attention given to matters of taste and the most recent trends in terms of furnishings and interior design.  In addition to being registered with the Association of Home Staging Professionals Italy, I avail myself of the precious collaboration of some stager consultants.

The Advantages

Selling a Home Profitably

Most people who turn to a home stager are owners who want to give new light and greater value to their home, so as to facilitate their sale or leaseA good home staging service, in fact, operates precisely on these aspects:  the spaciousness of the rooms and brightness, as well as how objects are positioned in the rooms.  Home staging involves all of the elements that can guarantee the promise of greater comfort and, at the same time, contribute significantly to increasing the ability to sell a property, as well as increasing its overall value.  Home staging allows you to sell sooner and better.  This is a fact.

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The Operation

What is home staging and what does a home stager do?

A consolidated reality in the United States and in some European countries, home staging has been affirming itself in Italy for some years.  It’s an irreplaceable service for those who want to give greater harmony to an environment, but above all else, it’s a very suitable strategy for allowing tourists, tenants or potential customers to admire a house in all its splendor, savoring its beauty and potential in terms of quality of life.

The home stager is a very important professional figure, working with architects, interior decorators and real estate agents, while not replacing them.  A home stager must have a great sense of aesthetics—this is to be sure, but he or she must also have a lot of experience in the real estate sector, as he or she will be called upon to enhance the characteristics of a property, customizing it and improving its image through the use of small works of great value.

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How much does a home staging intervention cost?

Embellishing a home by studying the correct arrangement of the elements, such as choosing the most suitable furniture and accessories, combined with the accessories that add emotional value to the home will actually allow you to sell your home faster and at better conditions in 90% of cases. These are the fundamental elements of a home staging intervention, of which the cost is always less than the depreciation of a property which has been left on the market for a long time. Once the first appraisal has been carried out, allowing you to have a precise overview of the necessary work to be done, it’s possible to opt to proceed autonomously, making all of the improvements that will make the most of the living environment, or else the home stager can do it for you.

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For a house of value

Home staging is one of the services that enriches my consultancy package.

Here are some examples of preparation BEFORE and AFTER an intervention made on a property on sale without furniture.

Can you see the difference?


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