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Houses aren’t static

but rather a house must change and adapt to those who dwell within them.  If we look at houses carefully, we notice that houses have the ability to speak to us.  They can tell us the stories of those who live and have lived inside them, using only words that the heart can hear.  They tell us stories about the history of a place which has been protected from the elements of the world, far removed from the chaos of ordinary life.  For this reason, my working method is one that is nourished by both competence and professionality mixed with a third component which—unfortunately, is becoming an increasingly rare component nowadays:  sensitivity.                                                            My greatest desire is to support those who need to buy or sell a house, while helping them to experience the same sensation I experienced as a child when—on trips with my family, my favorite game was to observe villages, farmhouses and farms as I imagined the lives of those who lived there.  Just thinking of this game I used to play back then still brings back great memories—memories with great emotional significance which have no way diminished with the passage of time.  Precisely for this reason, it is my sincerest desire that I too, can help others to feel the same excitement I once felt.

“House” means “welcome”

Evaluating a property means learning to listen to the story the house has to tell, thereby bringing to light its most hidden characteristics, because it is from diversity that every great wealth is born and with it, every promise of a better and quieter life.  I want to bring the excitement of the real estate industry to those whom I come into contact with.  I want people to understand that I care about people and their stories.  My approach to real estate is therefore a personal one, not simply trying to fill empty spaces with people, in a sort of “one size, fits all” solution.

My work begins long before the sale and doesn’t end once the contract is signed.  I want to help people understand what they really are asking for.  Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I have found in my experiences that typically, those looking for houses ultimately need to be freed from themselves.  For this reason, I am increasingly convinced that finding the right home plays a decisive role in a broader quest for growth.  Those in turn, who are assisted by the right people can be enabled to find what they need.  My “digital home” has not windows or catalogs.  Let me help you chase your dreams!  Trust me and I will help you find your dream home.
Deborah Lupini


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